About Me

I am Gofelem (Marfrey Landicho). I currently live in the countryside of The Philippines.  I am a full-time freelancer working as a Character Designer, Concept Artist, and Illustrator particularly for games, novels, & etc.

What inspire me to pursue this career is my love for video games particularly jRPGs. I still like and will always enjoys games as they always give me inspiration and ideas. I am also fond of anime.

I’ve always been interested in game design and making stories, to breath life into characters and worlds.

The current focus of my main profession of work remains with doing 2D artworks/illustrations.

About The Website

It is not exactly a minimalist portfolio website, I just wanted to be a bit more creative & have fun making this website *laughs*… I think I should put that energy into my projects *laughs*.

My social/art platforms:

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