About Me

Hi! I’m Marfrey Landicho, also known as Gofelem. I currently live in the countryside of The Philippines.  I am a full-time freelancer working as a Character Designer, Concept Artist, and Illustrator particularly for games or novel.

What inspire me to pursue this career is my love for video games particularly jRPGs, especially the one with great stories! I still like and will always continue to keep on playing games as they always give me inspiration and ideas! I am also very fond of anime.

I have always been interested in game design and making stories. Which is why i am slowly delving into game programming and music production  to breath life into my dreams!

My focus with my main profession of work remains with doing 2D artworks/illustrations.

About The Website

My website isn’t what i can exactly call a professional portfolio, but a personal website which has the component of what i desire  such as having an artistic fantasy theme and light environment.

This is the 4th personal website I’ve worked on, whereas the previous sites feels more static, too simplified or unresponsive. In the end, I came to a conclusion; why not make a website i can be happy with, rather than making a professional simple portfolio website.

Unlike my previous website which is built from the ground up and is only good for having static content (uploading was really a big hurdle), this one utilizes wordpress which is powerful for content management  which aids me with tasks such as uploading artworks, posting news/announcement, and having a more flexible way of updating the content or website.

Released commercial projects I’ve worked on:

My social/art platforms:

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