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Visit my patreon to get the latest updates about art packs or if you want to support me ヽ(^Д^)ノ.

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Art Pack list

Art Pack Download Links

Merch(Print-on-Demand) Links

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

General FAQs

 The shop will help me focus to put more time and work into personal work. I am slowly trying to transition from doing freelance work to doing more personal work and I do hope that i can make it sustainable in the long run so that i can focus chasing my passion which are my personal game project, and personal artworks(fanart, original art, store content,etc.).  It will also help me to improve the quality of the art packs.

I want to let you decide if how much you think is the worth of the product i worked on or if you just want to support me so I can make more content like these.

I am not even sure if it’s going to be sustainable w/ the amount of work I put on these, but I have also considered it when looking from other’s perspective and just following my heart (I know that it may be not smart in business sense to follow feelings, but that’s just how i feel). If you are happy with the product, that alone also brings great joy to me.

It is also my way of sharing my passion to the things i like and enjoy. Hopefully, it connects me w/ others and those who share the same interest! 

I also understand that not everyone has money to spare due to their difficult or complicated circumstances, but if you are one of those person and if you still feel interested in my work that I do, then I don’t want to paywall you. If you can feel enjoyment, learn, or relax w/ my works, then I am very happy with it. 

If you want to support me, you can do it anytime in future when you are out of trouble or have something to spare. Seeing you enjoy or take interest my work is already a great thing to me :).

You can support me via patreon: (

• Making art packs of the characters/games I love, feel interested, and original creation(All of it which you can get for ‘Free/Pay What You Want’) . I enjoy creating and sharing these stuff as it also connects me to people that share the same interest/passion for a certain title, being able to help artist who are interested in my works to learn something from the process, people that just want to enjoy the art that I make, reliving the nostalgia, and also my way of expressing myself of what I like and what influence/inspire me.

• I am also creating a jrpg game project called ‘Darknier Schrei’(which is currently going at a slowpace recently due to freelance/commercial works)I am developing it solo out  passion and dream, I am also planning to release it as “Free/Pay What You Want”. I will be doing everything from programming, music, narrative, art, and game design. While these are quite a lot for doing solo, despite the struggles, I do enjoy and want to learn the process. This project is not just an end goal,but also a journey for me. My reason for solo developing it is not about speed  and production, but my way of expressing my passion and vision at 100%.

If you feel curious and want to learn about the beginning of Draknier Schrei, you can check post here:

Draknier Schrei previous progress updates:

To get the latest updates, follow me on twitter and patreon(Update: 4-30-19):

(Note: Things have change and some stuff I said before on those posts may no longer be relevant such as planned release date, going-all-in [which eventually led me to running out of funds/burntout], and other things. I’ve learned a lot of lesson from my mistakes these recent months which will help me plan better going forward, but one thing that has not changed or will never change is me never giving up on my project)

Digital Store FAQs (Cubebrush & Gumroad)

Both Gumroad & Cubebrush are digital stores where you can get download my art packs for free. These packs usually includes video process, multiple .png full resolution artwork, psd files, and more.

• Pre-Sketch   –  The sketchy lineart before coloring/painting it.
• Post-Sketch   –  Final sketchy lineart with changes made during or after the process of coloring/painting it.
• FlatColors   –  Sketchy Lineart with colors, but without shadow and depth.
• Painted   –  Finished artwork of character, but with blank transparent background.
• Painted+BG   –  Finished artwork of character with background.
• Video Process(1080/720)   –   The video process for the creation of artwork(x4 speed). 
• PSD File (Raw)   –   The unedited photoshop file of the finished artwork containing multiple layers.
• PSD File (Compiled)   –   The photoshop file where layers are flattened into few layers (particulary linework, color, and overpaint layer).
• Personal License   –   License file that states what usage of the product is allowed and not allowed.
• Read Me   –   A text file  containing important notes.

I record the video process at 6 fps(due to hardware limitation). So if Multiplied by 4, it becomes 24fps. In conclusion, you are not losing or missing anything. You can also decrease the speed in the video player if you prefer a more real time speed. I do believe though that x4 speed is just perfect since I do my art quite slowly. 

While I do recommend patreon( as a way of supporting, here are the details for the digital stores.

According to Cubebrush’s website:
“We are happy to provide the options of paying with Paypal as well as all major credit cards during checkout.”

According to Gumroad’swebsite, they accept the following payment methods:

  • Discover
  • Visa (including Visa Electron)
  • Mastercard
  • AMEX
  • Maestro
  • Diner’s Club
  • PayPal

Products with this license:
• Elemental Spirits Pack/Collection (Sylph, Undine, Gnome, Salamander)

This product is under personal license wherein this text file
shows what is allowed and not allowed.

License last updated on [February 7, 2019]

• Non-profit use
• Personal Education
• Print for your own personal use(tshirt,mug,canvas,etc.) as an alternative if you don’t prefer the print-on-demand site I am using for the merchandise version
• Use cropped image as profile icon on the web for personal use
• Upload the “upload version” on the web
• Upload on the web as backup/storage and for personal use
• Use as an asset for a non-profit/personal game, credit is appreciated, but not mandatory

Not Allowed:
• Upload the pack or any of its content on the web for public use with the exception of “upload version”
• Claim it as your own
• Modify and upload on the web
• Selling
• Redistribution
• Selling a merch with printed artwork from this pack
• Uploading on Print-on-Demand sites or any form of commercial use

For upgrading to “Commercial License“, please contact me at “”.
Commercial usage that can be discussed:
• Use in Commercial Game
• Use in Commercial Books/Novels

Disclaimer: I do not own the fanart/licensed character, what i am giving you is access for the files and video process of the illustration i made so
use at your own discretion.

This product is under personal license wherein this text file
shows what is allowed and not allowed.

License last updated on [April 29, 2019]

• If you want to print the artwork on merch (tshirts, posters), please do it only for personal use, for yourself or as gifts to your friend/family/fellow JRPG fan.
[though, if you decided to print, i would love to see it! If you want to share it to me, just send it to my email( or (@gofelem), thank you :)]

• You may use it for youtube as an exception and you can even monetize the video as long as the video’s topic is relevant to the artwork such as discussing about
jrpg or the game it belongs to, but on the condition that you must provide credit to the patreon page (PATREON.COM/GOFELEM) as being the source.

• Crop and upload the ‘upload version’ to use as profile, cover, etc. (non-commercial only)

Not Allowed:
• Upload the pack or any of its content on the web for public use with the exception of “image upload version”
• Claim it as your own
• Modify for public
• Selling
• Redistribution
• Selling a merch with printed artwork from this pack
• Do not use on advertisement
• Uploading on Print-on-Demand sites
• Any form of commercial use (Except the youtube part mentioned under ‘allowed’)

By downloading the packs, you agree to the terms and for any possible changes/update I will make to it in the future.

Please contact me at so i can issue the refund. Also, I would be really thankful if you could provide feedback so I can improve the product.
I highly suggest requesting a refund within 30 days and maximum of 60 days as I cannot guarantee if I will still have the money.

Merch Store [Print-On-Demand] FAQs (Redbubble & Society6)

Print-on-Demand service is where I only upload the design while redbubble handles all the printing of merch, shipping, and, customer service, and other stuff related to selling merchs while i take a royalty per sale.

In short, I just upload the design and Print-on-Demand services does the rest.

These are Print-on-Demand sites i am using to sell my merchs.

To provide more options to those who want to buy my merchs that is if they prefer the quality of print/merch of another site from the other.

Also, I am mainly managing redbubble only while I have my sister manage the Society6.

Digital version is usually available at my Cubebrush Store or Gumroad Store, but please check the product description and gumroad license info(See gumroad FAQ) thoroughly to make sure of  that the artwork includes the license to print.

I was planning this in the future as part of my patreon(poll voting), but  the only option available now is by  voting/ voicing yourself during my ‘poll/asking the community’ on my twitter or by commissioning me.
For commission inquiries, please contact me at or via

Unfortunately, doing that will take a lot of resources, energy, and time. It will also be too much for me to handle especially here in the countryside where producing the merch and handling the shipping will require me to go to far away cities. Another thing is it will affect my personal projects a lot. I can consider it in the far future if I have the resources and someone to help me with managing.

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