Week 1 to Week 5 – Game Dev Progress (Project RT)

Week 1 to Week 5 – Game Dev Progress (Project RT)

Week 1 to Week 5 – Game Dev Progress (Project RT)

It’s finally here. My first devblog that i keep on delaying every time i reach my planned schedule.

Week 1 – I was trying to get more familiar with godot,  relearning about raycasting + collision, and also I tried working on a simple grid base movement. Although flawed and can be improved, i am already quite happy with it, since i’ve also decided not to stick with grid base movement (Although this might change later).

Week 2 – This is where i started the main project. I worked on the movement, and implemented features that will help me later on for making scenarios such as flexibility with movement and sprite animation and also adding bunch emotes!

I’ve also worked on the sprite where they don’t overlap with other objects.

The character sprite i am using is something that i made last year (2017) for a godot project which i barely got the chance to work on, so I am currently using it as placeholder in this project.

Week 3 – It is when i realized i learned about OOP (Object oriented programming) and is bad with it and hit a wall with my dialogue system due to scripting limitations. And so while i was unfamiliar with dictionary(scripting), i had to study on work on it. It took me some time to get how dictionary works, and when i figure it out(atleast the fundamental/basics with it), It’s really powerful!

I’ve finally implemented a dialogue system and was about to implement a branching, but had to pull back as it is not in my priority list and work on other main basic features first. I also had to do some restructuring with my character unit.

Week 4 – This is when my code started to become spaghetti. Creating the foundation for connecting the events from dialogue to movement or other features i will implement later on so that i can make a simple scene, I might eventually use this for the cutscene or just create a seperate cutscene system. This week quite burnt me out.

Week 5 – Quite a slow week. But i did work on assets that i will be using as placeholder so that it will help me with the features i will be implementing next.

I made a simple tileset for creating the level/map and also worked on a new character sprite as another placeholder. I learned quite a lot with making this assets and its limitations  that i will work on later. I saw some limitation with engine’s tilemap, and  had to implement some changes and addition to avoid overlapping of the character and background.

Doing the tilemap/level design with the assets I made, I’m really happy with how it turned out!

level design prototype

Also, about my progress my music. Before or around week 1, i bought a yamaha to help me with learning as the one i have before which is just a small MIDI wasn’t enough for learning the very basics.

But even if its quite slow, there is definitely progress and i am quite happy with it!

QQ Photo20180612132243

Week 6 and Onwards – I am uncertain when to post the next devblog. I wish i could post sooner, but at times, i feel like posting a very short devblog with minimal changes might not be worth it, so i might batch it like this.

Learning and creating at the same time is both physically and mentally exhausting, but seeing the result so far, it is definitely worth it!

Look forward to the next devblog and thank you for reading(≧▽≦) ! !




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