Personal Projects

Personal projects — Projects that I am working on out of passion and dream. I am developing it solo so I can have more control on its creative process, narrative, and game design.

Draknier Schrei -Formerly known as “Project RT”. Image link will temporarily redirect you to the project RT post while i am working on the new one.

Commercial Projects

Commercial projects — Projects that are set to have a commercial release. This type of projects are usually where I take on an important role, be involve deeply, and collaborate with other developer/creator to bring the project to fruition.

Project C –Currently in development.

Released Projects I’ve worked on

Released projects by other developer/creator where I was commissioned to do some art.

Omni Link – is a ‘Sci-Fi Visual Novel + Space Shooter Hybrid Game’ where you go on a space adventure, have companion, has multiple routes, and have romance options. My role in this game are concept artist & illustrator for the character and cutscenes. There is also a one-shot manga of Omni Link with around 50 pages that I’ve worked on .

Dev Blogs

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