Project RT

Project RT

Project RT

What is Project RT?
Hello Everyone! Project RT(Revival Trigger) is a personal project I will be working on that will be composed of multiple studies and experiment as part of the roadmap to the game I’ve dreaming to make. I will be learning and creating multiple games in different genre to learn and improve my game programming logic to be flexible enough to create features that i will implement for the prototype.

So in short, It will be a sequence of multiple small games that are not yet too complex, but for each of them to have some features and once I’m familiar with game creation, I will be working on the prototype of rpg.

The diagram below will show the roadmap of Project RT; subjects that i will be studying:

Godot Engine
Iam going to use Godot Engine 3.+ as my preferred engine as it mostly suits my need. I really like its feature especially its node system and scene management. Although online resources and documentation are not its greatest strength like unity, it is still a great engine.

Solo or Team?
I’m doing this solo. I’m not really after the immediate result, but the process of learning. I want to learn what interests me and by learning this, I am also learning more about the source of my inspiration. And I don’t really treat this project as a product, but more of a passion project which I am cultivating on my own and shaping it up the way i want it to be.

2D, 3D, or 2.5D?
This is something i haven’t settled yet, but for learning purposes, I will be sticking with 2D first so i can concentrate on learning about the engine and game programming. As for 3D, i won’t be tackling it anytime soon, and if i did, it will most likely be for low poly environment purposes, something like 2.5D like disgaea, breath of fire, final fantasy tactics or other classics, wherein most of the time, the 3D has no need for rigging and animation, but this is something I won’t worry i have to worry this early.

Another part of the project RT is learning music. Music breaths so much life into worlds. They can make you feel the world, atmosphere, or scenario just with music alone, even without voice overs. I’ve endlessly listen to soundtracks particularly OST from games, I just couldn’t bear it anymore and wanted to delve myself into it. The road is rough, but where there is hardship, there will also be results.

Game Genre is JRPG-inspired
The genre i will delve into is definitely a jRPG. I just love it, with how much jRPGs tend to have long stories, I just can’t help but feel immersed. I want to create stories and its world too, that is why  i choose jRPG in a form of role playing game. I know that there are other medium to express stories such as novel or manga, but I think game is the perfect medium i want to express my stories.

Inspiration for this Project
My main inspiration for this project are mainly the classics one, like legend of legaia, Legend of Mana, Suikoden, xenogears, Alundra, rhapsody, legend of mana, tales of eternia, breath of Fire 3 & 4 and many more. But if i were to  choose which one is my most favourite, I guess, my #1 inspiration is really Breath of Fire IV, I just really love its world, the characters and its aesthethics.

Previous Projects
In the past I’ve attempted to make a game, but they are either cut short due to reasons such as financial problems and pressure of plans. While these game works, I wouldn’t say they are amazing or fully functional but I was happy with them.

Descend Arc Prototype. The creature here was modeled by me in blender as part of the learning process back in 2013. This is the result of where my journey began in my game development.

Descend Arc Project Reboot. This was what i was working on when i suddenly started getting busy with freelancing from 2015 – 2017 and early 2018. I really am happy with the result of this one as the dialogue, albeit flaw, works quite well especially on the  backend side. But the way i worked with it using unity’s prefab has set limitation for the system i did. You can talk, NPC walking around, having dialogue sequence, I was really happy at the time to see it working! Code was kind of a mess though, especially with how I’m handling the backend of selecting the custom settings of the npc and the way the script connects and interacts with game objects.

Resources or Budget
Me. My time, energy, passion, heart and soul.

It is only by sacrificing, dedicating, and spending more time to learn that  I can pursue  and reach my dream. I will be focusing less on my freelancing as much as possible, but will still be doing some work to keep my necessity such as food and equipment provided, as you can’t run an engine without fuel.

This time I have to resolve myself into reaching my dreams. It’s better to not make both excuses and reason, and just find ways or solution to make it happen( ー`дー´). This journey, while it may sound exciting, it will be hard, full of hurdles. But i mustn’t give up. And since I am going with it anyway, I’ll go all in.

I will also be posting a devblog update, but I am still thinking if it will be weekly, every 2 weeks, or monthly. I will worry about it later, but i will definitely be making an update every now and then.

Making this article made me feel nostalgic and inspired all over again.

If you fully read this article or just checked it out, I thank you for giving your time to read this and taking interest (๑´ㅂ`๑).



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